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Working Together On and Off the Court

Posted Monday, January 14, 2008 by Katie Auge

Working Together On and Off the Court
By: Katie Auge

Passing the ball, or a hard hit spike comes naturally for the Varsity Volleyball Team, but facing hungry elementary children, Spiderman, Batman, Dracula, a werewolf and witches; that was a little scary.
On November 8, the volleyball team was lucky enough to be asked to serve Thanksgiving Dinner to Seneca School children and staff. Serving a volleyball is second nature, but serving food to an entire elementary school seemed a little overwhelming. But we accepted the challenge!
Pleasantly enough, we agreed serving the children was a rewarding experience. As long as we are working together as one, on or off the court, we can face any obstacle as long as we stick together.
When I asked my teammates if they enjoyed volunteering at Seneca School Kyle Croker responded “I had fun and the kids were respectful and showed that they looked up to us.” Loriza Acosta said “I had fun, like just being able to see all of our past teachers and seeing the kids plow down their food in like five seconds.” Cassie Crandall stated “It was a fun way to interact with the kids and be able to kind of be a kid again.”
There’s nothing like coming together for a good cause! On October 25, the Varsity Volleyball team volunteered to pass out candy to the Prospect Elementary Preschoolers to help celebrate at their Halloween party.
The Pre-K children entertained their family and the team by performing two finger plays including “Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate” and “Jack-O-Lantern, Jack-O-Lantern.” They also participated in a musical movement color song before practicing saying “Trick-or-Treat” and “Thank You” to the volunteer athletes.
When the celebration was over I knew I enjoyed this Halloween night but I wondered what my teammates thought of it, so I asked them. Brittany Haines stated “It was a lot of fun. Interacting with younger children and possibly being their role models is a great feeling.” Loriza Acosta said “I had a ton of fun and the kids were dressed so cute! I’m glad that I volunteered.” Ashley Abrams said “I couldn’t believe how many kids dressed up as Spiderman! I mean eighteen Spidermen, that’s a lot of webs!”
My teammates and I enjoyed helping others and look forward to further opportunities down the road. It was clear to me that we have as much fun off the court as we do on it.

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