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Tournament Updates

Posted Friday, September 19, 2008 by Coach Roof
• Our bracket for the Falconer Tournament has been changed. Class AAA Jamestown High has been added to our pool.
Pool A now consists of Salamanca, Falconer, Jamestown and Westfield.
Cassadaga Valley was moved to Pool C to replace Jamestown.

• Tournament change: In an efffort to upgade our schedule and get better competition to get ready for playoffs, we have pulled our of the Oct. 11 Panama Tournament (where we would have seen the same teams we've played all year), and have entered the Webster Tournament (Oct. 11).
The Webster Tournament is one of THE PREMIER tournaments in the state. There will be 28 teams with courts at two schools (Webster Thomas and Webster Schroeder).
We will most likely be the smallest school there. We'll see the best Section 5 large schools has to offer, along with many Section 4 schoo.s. There will also be teams there from Canada, along with the usual allotment of teams you'll see at the NY state tounrey (including Pine Bush)
This will be a major test for us. We'll be guaranteed at least eight (8) games but this is what we need if want Salamanca volleyball to get to the next level.

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